The Dior Runway Bag was the first big accessory debut of the post-Raf Simons era at Dior, and I was, admittedly, a little suspicious of it. That was at least partly because of my immense affection for the bags created during Simons's tenure at the legendary French design house and sadness over his voluntary departure, but replica handbags it was also motivated by the bag's proportions and how out of place it seemed with current trends. A couple months on, it's starting to grow on me. The bag, as you can see, is essentially a Lady Dior Bag made squat and long, which is similar prada outlet to how Jean-Paul Gaultier changed the proportions of the Birkin to create the JPG Shoulder Birkin during his time at Hermes. Instead of converting the top handles into longer shoulder straps, though, the Runway Bag employs a separate, wide shoulder strap that is long enough to make the bag a true shoulder bag, but not long enough for shoulder carry. That strap, and the fact that the top cheap louis vuitton handles fold down entirely to the bag's sides, are what have brought me around. The shape still feels a little awkward to me, likely because no one else is doing it right now, but there's something to be said for a willingness to get away from the saddle bags and chain-strap flap bags that have dominated store shelves for seasons. Sometimes a new longchamp sale thing only feels weird until your eyes get used to it, but sometimes that apprehension persists forever-the only way to know which way I'll ultimately go on the Runway Bag is to wait and see, but the ultra-embellished versions available now are gorgeous to look at.
Carpet, Vinyl and Laminate fitting service
PJM Flooring provide a full installation service. All we ask is that the room is cleared and we will do the rest! With over 10 years experience fitting flooring you can be assured of a top quality, personal service.
What about your old carpet?
Part of the service - once your new flooring has been fitted, we will remove your old carpet and dispose of it within the price.
No need to struggle with your old flooring - leave it to us.
Other fitting services.....
You may be looking to remove a carpet whilst work is being carried out at your home with a view of having it relayed at a later date. At PJM Flooring, we will come to your home, remove your old carpet and store it whilst your work is carried out. Let us know when the time is right, and we can return to re-fit your existing carpets.
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