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PJM Flooring - Carpet, Vinyl and Laminate Supply
Choose from our wide selection of Carpets, Vinyl and Laminate.
PJM supplies Carpet, Vinyl and Laminate to suite your home at a competitive rate. To make life a little easier, we opperate a home viewing service - we bring samples to you!
Home Sample Service.......
By appointment, PJM will bring a selection of flooring samples to your home. This not only gives you a wide range of choice, but also allows you to position the samples in the room they are bound for to see how they look against existing furniture etc around your home.
Supplying and Installing flooring is not a complicated business - we like to keep it that way. We don't run long term 'discounts and offers'. Our product is simply priced to be competitive. If we run a special offer, it is genuine and we can prove it.
All the extras.....
When planning your new floor, don't forget the underlay, gripper bars and door trims - all of which can be supplied by PJM at a very competitive price.
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